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The Scottish Genealogy Network is not an accrediting body; our focus is to provide a networking group for professional genealogists in Scotland. We are, however, often asked if any members are accepting clients. We have therefore decided to create a list of members who may be able to assist you. Genealogy is a broad subject and we all have different skills and experience levels, a link on this page should not be taken as accreditation. We recommend a full and open discussion with any genealogist you seek to employ to make sure they know your needs and are able to fulfil them before you begin.

Here is a list of our members who are currently accepting clients:

Andrew Armstrong
Andrew is a genealogist at Relatively Scottish. Andrew specialises in researching families in the south of Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders and regularly visits archives there as well as Edinburgh.

Jane Barton
Jane is experienced at tracing genealogies from Scotland and the North of England. Jane regularly visits archives in Glasgow, Cumbria, Northumbria and Edinburgh. Jane is working on a website, in the meantime email our secretary for contact information for Jane.

Frances Black
Frances is a genealogist at Scottish Ancestor.
Frances specialises in helping you trace your genealogy in Fife and WIgtownshire.

Jack Davis
Jack is a genealogist at Thistle Heritage Services and specialises in the resources of the Glasgow area.

Buzzy Garden
Buzzy is a Genealogist at Relative History and has a particular interest and knowledge of north-east Scotland as well as Edinburgh. Based in Clackmannanshire she has easy access to archives there and in Stirling. Buzzy is working on a website, in the meantime email our secretary for contact information for Buzzy.

Jane Harris

Jane specialises in researching families from Orkney and Stirling and regularly accesses archives in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Falkirk, Perth and Clackmannanshire

Jacqueline Hunter
Jacqueline is a genealogist at Ancestral Research by Jacqueline. Jacqueline can help you trace your family tree using the resources of the ScotlandsPeople centre, the Mitchell Library, the National Library of Scotland and the Scottish Genealogy Society.

Elizabeth Irving
Elizabeth is a genealogist at Heritage Genealogy and she specialises in researching families in Lanarkshire and the surrounding area. Elizabeth has experience tracing your illegitimate ancestors, helping you break through a difficult part of your family tree. Elizabeth regularly visits archives in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Dumfries and the surrounding counties.

Kate Keter
Kate is a Scottish genealogist at KMK Genealogy. Kate specialises in the records of Independent and endowed Schools. Kate is able to visit any archive in central Scotland.

Lorna Kinnaird
Lorna runs Dunedin Links Genealogy from her base in Edinburgh. Lorna works full-time as a genealogist and specialises in brick wall problems, utilising the resources that are available around Scotland. She enjoys any challenge and works well with other qualified professionals within the UK and Ireland.

Gary Lawrie
Gary is a genealogist at Heart of Scotland Ancestry. Gary has carried out research across Scotland and based in Stirling, has easy access to archives throughout Central Scotland including Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as experience of researching his own family history in the North East of Scotland. 

Michelle Leonard
Michelle is a full-time professional genealogist and genetic genealogist at Genes & Genealogy. She specialises in DNA detective work solving adoption, unknown parentage and all manner of unknown ancestor mysteries. She also undertakes traditional genealogical research, living relative tracing, historical and television research, tutoring, article writing, bespoke family history books, webinars and speaking engagements. She is based in Glasgow and has access to all Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Edinburgh archives. Additionally Michelle is the #ScotGenNet's social media manager and the official genetic genealogist of #AncestryHour.
Genes & Genealogy

George MacKenzie
George is the former Keeper of the Records of Scotland and as such has a lot of experience of Scottish archives. George is now the chairman of the Scottish Ancestral Tourism Group. He works to support all business in Scotland relating to ancestral tourism.

Carol McKinven
Carol is a genealogist at Scottish Kin and specialises in researching families in Fife and West Lothian/Linlithgowshire and has a special interest in shale miners. Carol is able to visit archives in Edinburgh, Fife and across central Scotland.

Carolyn McNicholl
Carolyn is a genealogist at McNicholl Genealogical Services and has experience tracing families from Scotland, USA, Canada and can visit most Scottish archives.

Graham and Emma Maxwell
Graham and Emma are a husband and wife genealogy team who focus their research in the south of Scotland. As well as accepting individual clients they are indexing useful records from across Scotland, which you can search on their website.

Ali Murray
Ali is a genealogist at ScotsGenie, she focuses on Fife research. Ali has been a professional researcher for over 20 years and in the last 16 years has been undertaking family history research.

Merle Palmer
Merle is a genealogist at Your Scots Past and specialises in researching ancestors from Angus, Dundee and Perthshire and is able to visit archives for you in those areas.

Judith Russell
Judith is a Scottish genealogist and archive researcher who specialises in tracing Glasgow families. Judith is very experienced tracing families who appear in the records of the Scottish poor and also German-speaking people in Scotland. Judith can visit and archive in central Scotland and regularly visits the Mitchell library. Judith hasn’t got a website set up yet, in the meantime email our secretary for contact information for Judith.

Lorraine Stewart
Lorraine is a genealogist and archive researcher at Kincardineshire Ancestors, specialising in researching Kincardineshire, Angus and Aberdeenshire ancestors. Lorraine visits archives in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Angus on a regular basis.

Amy Thomson
Amy is a genealogist and archive researcher based in the Scottish Borders. Growing up in the Scottish Borders Amy developed a keen interest in family history from an early age. Amy's passion for family history can now help you trace your Scottish family tree.

Margaret Watson
Margaret runs Scottish Lowland Families, based near Melrose in the Scottish Borders. Margaret can undertake ancestral research in the Scottish Borders, Dumfriesshire, Northumbria, Cumbria and Edinburgh. Margaret's ancestors were all based in the area and she has an excellent knowledge of the region.
Scottish Lowland Families

Clare Wilson
Clare runs Treehouse Genealogy and is based in Airdrie.  She is ideally situated to carry out visits to Archives in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Central Scotland.  Clare has special interests in WW1 Aviation & Trauma/Shell Shock, WW2 Allied Bomber Command Research and New Monkland Parish in Lanarkshire. 

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